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BC Business Magazine

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BC Business Magazine, 25th anniversary issue

  • "The biggest moments of the last 25 years"
  • "You can't say that!"

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  • business research and analysis travel magazine 2000 version 1


During the last two decades, we have taken on countless public relations, advertising, and communications assignments. We have helped businesses find their customers and politicians find their voters.

We have extended helping words and thoughts to thousands of clients in bureaucratic and in capitalist universes. From employee relations manuals, to brochures, to annual reports, we could be what your script doctor ordered.

I have sold about 200 freelance articles, mostly in business magazines, since 1987.

I have worked in the financial and policy analysis and transportation economics end of consulting for about 20 years.

I have the usual collection of degrees, and a very diverse background in business and public affairs. I would be pleased to take arms against your sea of troubles, and by opposing, mend them... (apologies to W.S.)

Do words and ideas count?  Call me.

Voice:  604-327-7049
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